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3550 South Osprey Avenue

Monday thru Friday
11.30am - Midnight

Saturday & Sunday
12 Noon - Midnight


Voted one of The Suncoast’s 50 Best Restaurants

"Winner of Creative Loafing’s original Burger tournament a few years back, Shakespeare’s still manages to serve one of the best burgers in Sarasota. This one is thick, with a salty crust that crackles under your teeth to reveal a beautiful red interior that positively oozes rich juices. The patty is held in check by a hearty rosemary-infused bun that can handle a surprising amount of toppings, if that’s your thing. Brie and caramelized onions? Thai peanut sauce and Swiss cheese? Sure, or even more unusual combinations depending on the specials board. And good beer — the perfect burger pairing — is right at hand." - Brian Ries, The Herald Tribune Ticket

"My god, after eating at a dozen or so restaurants in Sarasota (where Yeungling is about as crazy as it gets) that are either the same corporate crap you'd find anywhere or are "indie" yet seem to cater to the city's tastebud-challenged elderly population, I was beyond ecstatic to discover Shakespeare's English Pub!!!!! Their beer selection is superb - I would estimate that there are 30-50 bottled beers from around world, as well as 15 taps. Two of the taps appear to be on a rotating schedule and the other 13 are always on the menu. My wife, father, and I went here 3 days in a row for multiple pints of Raging Bitch, for blackened Indian spiced hamburgers, for other food that was just delicious, and for celebrating that not all of Sarasota's restaurants are on life support. 'Nostrovia' to you, Shakespeare's!" (Review from UrbanSpoon)

"Although Sarasota is now loaded with quality beer bars, few serve food at all, let alone food of the quality Shakespeare’s dishes out. There’s the usual Brit pub fare — crackling fish and chips, various pies and pasties — along with the best burger in town. A little tip: The beer cheese dip is better with fries than the homemade pita chips."

"Although the winner of CL’s 2008 Tournament of Burgers serves the usual array of grilled, blackened and fried fish sandwiches, it’s understandable that the British pub focuses on the deep-fried version. And for good reason. Shakespeare’s breading is crackling crisp, thick enough to provide a lot of contrast to the moist fish inside, and seasoned just right. The result is a sandwich that eminently satisfies and provides a benchmark for fried fish sandwiches everywhere."












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